The Shred Shed offers anything from specific tune up packages (3 levels) to any sort of custom service, depending on what your bike needs. I can do anything from adjusting your shifting / brakes, getting rid of that nasty creak, to making your suspension feel buttery. I do it all. Every bike is looked over and assessed by myself at pick up, and pricing is discussed to assure that the customer gets exactly what they want.

Have a road bike or a commuter? Don’t worry I happily fix all sorts of bikes.

Coming soon: Shock wiz suspension tuning

Tune up

Tune 1 ( Stop N Go) – $80 + $5 shop supplies and parts

  • This is the gold standard in bike shop tune ups:
  • Adjust shifting and brakes
  • True wheels
  • Adjust hubs
  • Adjust headset
  • Adjust cranks / BB
  • Clean bike
  • Check bolts

Tune 2 ( Make It Sick ) – $130 + $10 shop supplies and parts

  • Make it sick involves everything from the Stop N Go with the addition of 1 of the following:
  • Fork service
  • Suspension pivot overhaul
  • Wheel build
  • Complete drivetrain replace
  • Or 2 of the following:
  • Brake bleed (front + rear)
  • Spoke replacement
  • New cables and housing

Tune 3 ( DWN – Do What’s Needed) – $280 + $10 shop supplies and parts

A Must have for any sad bike. Complete overhaul, bike will be stripped down to the frame, all parts will be cleaned, new cable housing installed, suspension will be serviced, brakes will be bled, the proper lubricants will be applied and the bike will be put back together. This tune will breath a new life into that old tired rig. Additional $10 (+ parts) per cartridge bearing replaced. *Additional charges for suspension damper overhaul depending on suspension piece.

Additional Labour

Any additional labour pricing is based on an hourly rate of $70/hr.

Need a quote? Shoot me message on what needs to be done. I I work on all models of suspension forks and can do full rebuilds on most rear shocks, (fox, DVO, and Rock shox) Need some obscure service done to your bike? I probably won’t say no!