Find out how The Shed got so Shreddy

At the age of 5 I had a terrible crash riding the Banff Trail at the Canmore Nordic Center. At this point I determined that I would never ride bikes again; I had never been so wrong in my life.

Growing up I spent all my free time riding bikes, which meant I was constantly destroying my bike. This led to me learning the craft of bike-fixing. As a high schooler I picked up a job as a shop grom, and have been working at bike shops ever since, perfecting my craft as a bike mechanic.

I decided to open my own shop to allow me to have the flexibility to decide what I do with my time, while also creating a better customer experience that gives the customers more flexibility with their time. The Shred Shed is a shop that works around its customer’s busy schedules by having pick-up and drop-off service where appointments can be made anytime during the day, while providing the best bicycle service possible. By being a one-man shop it also allows me to speak directly to customers and determine with them the best route for meeting their bike fixing needs. No more misinterpreted service slips, no more middle man!

The Shred Shed is not all about fixing bikes though. It’s a shop that also recognizes that our customer base exists due to the efforts of those building and preserving trails in the area. The Shred Shed pays it forward to the riding community in Kelowna by donating 10% of profits to the local trail organization, Mountain Bikers of the Central Okanagan (MTBco).